Some notes on Pam's Turner ancestors

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This page covers Staffordshire families in the maternal line of Pam's grandfather William EATON. The narrative starts with Pam's fourth great grandfather Samuel TURNER.

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Samuel was born in Stone, Staffordshire in 1739. No marriage record has yet been found for his parents Samuel and Ann Turner. Samuel married Mary Perkin in Sandon in 1762 and they went on to have eleven children.

Samuel's only known sibling is an older brother John baptised in Stone in 1737.

Click here to see a PDF report of known descendants of Samuel Turner.

William TURNER (b.1768)

William was born in Stone, Staffordshire the fourth child of Samuel and Mary Turner. He married Martha Jones in Stone in 1769. They had twelve children. William and Martha were in their early seventies in 1841 when they were living in Newcastle Road, Stone, Staffs and William was recorded on the census as a cordwainer.

Little is known of William's ten siblings.

Richard TURNER (b.1808)

Richard was born in Stone, Staffordshire and was the eleventh child of William and Martha. In 1830, he married Eliza Barker and they had ten children. All were born in Stone where Richard worked as a wheelwright. By 1861, however, the family had moved to Fenton and Richard's occupation was recorded as carpenter. In 1871, the family was living in Hanley. Richard died in Stoke-on-Trent in 1879 and Eliza in Hanley in 1887.

Little is known about Richard's eleven siblings except for Hannah (1801) who married Thomas BAYNES and had eight children. The family lived in Birmingham where Thomas was employed as a cooper.

Martha TURNER (b.1847)

Martha was born in Stone in 1847 the eighth child of Richard and Eliza TURNER. In 1866, she married Pam's great grandfather William EATON in Stoke-on-Trent. They had five children. Following William's death in 1877, Martha worked as a potter's dipper. She and her children lived initially with her widowed mother Eliza in Oldham Street and later with two of her daughters in Hanley. In 1911, she was living in Wolverhampton with her daughter Eliza and son-in-law John Thomas ORME. She died there in 1914.

Of Martha's siblings, Joseph (1831) married Elizabeth BROWNING in Burslem in 1863 and had two children. Joseph already had one child from an earlier marriage which has not yet been identified. Joseph worked as a house painter in Fenton and Longton. James (1836) started out as an apprentice cordwainer in Stone, but had become a journeyman boilermaker in Fenton by 1861. He married Mary Ann HOLDCFOFT in Stoke-on-Trent in 1863. They had four children in Hanley before moving to Bucknall where four more children were born. After his marriage, he was employed as a colliery engine man. Thomas (1838) also started out as an apprentice cordwainer in Stone. He later became a potter's ovenman in Fenton and then in Hanley. He remained unmarried and, in 1891, was living with his sister Martha. Emma (1840) was employed as a potter's painter. John (1842) also moved to Fenton and became a potter's ovenman. He married Keziah BURTON in Stoke-on-Trent in 1863. They lived in Hanley and had eight children. Mary (1845) married William BRINDLEY in Wellington, Staffs in 1866. They had six children and lived in Hanley. William worked as a potter's presser and Mary as a potter's transferrer. William died in 1886. In 1889, Mary married George PARKES who was a potter's labourer in Fenton. They had one son. Ann (1850) had one child out of wedlock in 1870. Emily (b.1853) worked as a potter's lathe turner in Hanley. She had one child out of wedlock in 1873 before marrying Richard SHERRATT in 1876. They had four children. After Richard's death, she married Samuel Mulliner and had one son.

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