Some notes on Pam's Eaton ancestors

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Cheadle Families

See the Stoke Families page for later generations.

These pages cover the paternal line of Pam's father Jack EATON. The narrative begins with Pam's fifth great grandfather Robert EATON.

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Robert EATON

Little is known of Robert (Snr) except for his marriage to Mary Thawley in Leek in 1750.

Robert EATON (b.1751)

Pam's fourth great grandfather Robert was baptised in 1752 in Ipstones. He married Jane WESTON in Kingsley in 1773. They had eleven children - three baptised in Kingsley and eight in Cheadle where Robert died in 1813 and Jane in 1840. Robert's occupation is recorded as "Labourer" in the burial register.

Robert's only known sibling was a brother Thomas (b.1754) who was also baptised in Ipstones.

Click here to see a PDF report of known descendants of Robert Eaton

George EATON (b.1789)

George was baptised in Cheadle the seventh child of Robert & Jane. He married Sarah BOULTON in 1808 and worked as a collier in the Cheadle area. They had six children. In 1813, the family was living at Hobs Lane. The first three children were baptised at Cheadle parish church, but the last three were baptised at the High Street Wesleyan Chapel in Uttoxeter - some eight miles distant. When George died in 1837, the family was living at Cheadle Mill.

Of George's siblings, Ann (b.1774) married Thomas BRASSINGTON. Robert (b.1785) worked as a tailor in Kingsley where he married Ann BRADSHAW and had seven children. Hannah (b.1794) married Charles MYRING, who worked as a bricklayer in Cheadle. They had five children.

George H Eaton (b.1821)

George was born in Cheadle in 1821 the sixth and last child of George and Sarah. He married Sarah CLARK in Cheadle in 1840 and they had ten children. George worked initially as a collier in the Cheadle area and lived at Cheadle Mill. By 1866, the family had moved to Berry Hill, Stoke-on-Trent where George worked variously as engineer, engine man and engine driver. When he died, in 1898, his occupation was recorded on the death certificate as "Colliery engine man of Fenton".

Of George's siblings little is yet known except that William (b.1809) married Mary MORRY and had one son and Jane (b.1819) married Isaac SALT and had five children.

See the Stoke Families page for later generations.

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