Some notes on Pam's Clowes ancestors
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Ipstones Families

See the Stoke Families page for later generations.

These pages cover the maternal line of Pam's father Jack EATON. Related individuals include Samuel Clowes MP, Alderman Harold Clowes and Alderman Mrs Doris Robinson. The extensive family tree of Harold Clowes displayed in the parish church of St.Leonard, Ipstones suggests that common ancestry can be traced to the birth in Ipstones of Robert CLOWES from whom the line descends to Pam's third great grandfather William Clowes who left Ipstones to farm at Bucknall.

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Robert CLOWES (b.Abt 1650)

Pam's seventh great grandfather Robert Clowes married Anna Harding in Ipstones in 1674. They had at least five children.

Joseph CLOWES (b.1680)

Pam's sixth great grandfather Joseph Clowes was the fourth child of Robert and Anna. No record has yet been found of his marriage to Margaret.

Nothing is known of Joseph's four siblings except that Robert (b.1678) married in Ipstones in 1702.

Click here to see a PDF report of known descendants of Joseph Clowes

John CLOWES (b.1723)

John Clowes was born the fifth child of Joseph & Margaret. He married Anne Hulme in 1748 in Ipstones where John worked as a carpenter. They had seven known children all of whom survived into adulthood and were named in John's will.

At least two of John's siblings died in infancy. Of those who survived, Sarah (b.1710) married Samuel Turner, Joseph (b.1716) died at the age of twenty three and Margaret (b.1726) married Simon JOHNSON. They had at least four children.

Richard CLOWES (b.1758)

Not much is yet known about Richard who was born the fifth child of John & Anne. He married Ann Vigarstaff in Ipstones in 1781. They had eight children of whom at least seven survived.

Of Richard's siblings, little is known about Joseph (b.1749). Mary (b.1751) married William Allen. John (b.1754) married Mary Alcock and went on to have six children. Robert (b.1756) married Jane Blower. They had twelve children and were living at Foxt when they died. Samuel (b.1759) married Catherine Prince and had five children. George (b.1765) was parish clerk at Ipstones for 65 years prior to his death in 1850. He married Martha Hawkins and had seven children.

See the Stoke Families page for later generations.

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