Some notes on Pam's Longshaw ancestors

This page covers Staffordshire families in the maternal line of Pam's grandfather Lucas LUNT. The narrative starts with fifth great grandfather William LONGSHAW.

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William LONGSHAW (m.1736))

Little is yet known about William and his wife Sarah MATTHEWS except that they married in Wolstanton in Oct 1736 and went on to have ten children. All were baptised in Wolstanton. William and Sarah died in Wolstanton in 1769 and 1764 respectively.

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John LONGSHAW (b.1752)

John was the eighth child of William & Sarah LONGSHAW. John was a husbandman at Brerehurst in the parish of Wolstanton where he married Mary HOBKIN in 1773. They had three children.

Of John's siblings, James (1741) married Sarah PEAKE and had seven children, William (1747) married Mary WOOTON and Sarah (1756) married Joseph COOPER.

John LONGSHAW (b.1781)

John was the third child of John & Mary LONGSHAW. He worked as a collier in Wolstanton and later in Burslem. John married Sarah HACKNEY in 1803 and they had four children.

Of John's siblings, Mary (1774) married Ralph HITCHENS. Jane (b.1776) married Joseph HANCOCK and had one child.

William LONGSHAW (b.1815)

William was the third child of John & Sarah LONGSHAW. He worked as a collier in Burslem and Newchapel and married Mary POTTS in Burslem in 1839. They had three children.

Of William's siblings, Ann (1805) married James BENSON and John (1808) married Mary WARE and had six children. John was employed as a journeyman potter in 1841.

Mary LONGSHAW (b.1850)

Mary was the third child of William & Mary LONGSHAW. In 1867, she married William LUNT from Odd Rode, Cheshire in Bradford, Lancashire. [No typographical error - Bradford lies in inner city Manchester]

Mary had two siblings. Rachael (1845) married George DEAN, a colliery engine worker, and had six children. Following George's death in 1884, she married Jacob BIRD a coal miner who was later described on the 1901 census as Town Crier in Tunstall. Jacob (1848) was unmarried and working as a coal miner in Barnsley, Yorkshire in 1891.

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