Some notes on John's Elliott ancestors

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This page covers Leicestershire families in the maternal line of John's grandmother Priscilla May HAMBLETON. The narrative starts with John's sixth great grandfather John ELLIOTT.

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John ELLIOTT (d.1729)

John was a yeoman farmer in Walton in the parish of Kimcote. He married Ann CAUSER in Ashby Parva in 1702. They had five children in Kimcote where they died in 1729 and 1754 respectively.

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John ELLIOTT (1707-1776)

John was the third child of John and Ann ELLIOTT. He followed in has father's footsteps as a yeoman farmer in Walton. He was baptised in 1707 in Kimcote where he married Susannah INCHLEY in 1739. They had ten children. John and Susannah died in Shearsby in 1776 and 1783 respectively.

Of John's siblings, Thomas married Mary GRIFFIN and had three children in Kimcote. Elizabeth (b.1704) married John FLAYWELL. Anne (b.1710) married Robert CHACOMB and had at least two children.

Benjamin ELLIOTT (1753-1826)

Benjamin was baptised in Kimcote & Walton in 1753 the seventh child of John & Susannah. He married Ann SMITH in Kimcote in 1775. They had nine children in Shearsby where they died in 1826 and 1832 respectively.

Little is known of Benjamin's siblings except for William (b.1746) who married Sarah SMITH and had at least two children.

William ELLIOTT (1789-1850)

William was born in Shearsby the sixth child of Benjamin and Ann Elliott. William and his wife Mary had eight children in Shearsby between 1813 and 1833. After Mary's death in 1836, William married Ann. In 1841, they were living in Shearsby where William was employed as a grazier.

Of William's siblings, Benjamin (b.1785) died in Northampton in 1828 and was buried in Shearsby. Thomas (b.1787) married Mary JELLEY. Richard (b.1791) married Ann and had five children. He died in 1836.

Benjamin ELLIOTT (1821-1887)

Benjamin was born in Shearsby the fourth child of William and Mary ELLIOTT. He worked as a butcher and was living in Southgate Street, Leicester at the time of his marriage to Frances HARRIS. The family then moved back to Shearsby where they had seven children prior to the death of Frances in 1867. In 1881, Benjamin was living with his brother John, butcher & grazier, in High Street, Shearsby.

Of Benjamin's siblings, Charlotte (b.1813) married Thomas READ who worked as a fellmonger and died in 1865. They had four children. John (b.1815) was a butcher and grazier in Shearsby. He married Sarah WARDEN and had nine children. John died in 1889 and Sarah in 1901.William (b.1818), licensed hawker, married Ann ALLIN. Two of their three children were born at Gilmorton, but baptised at Shearsby. Thomas (b.1823), licensed hawker and latterly also an innkeeper, married Jane SMART and had two children. Thomas died in 1885 and Jane in 1892. Eliza (b.1826) married William COOKE and had seven children - all but one born in Gilmorton. Richard (b.1830) worked as an ostler in Leicester prior to his death in 1863. Rhoda (b.1833) married George ALLEN and had two children in Gilmorton.

Priscilla ELLIOTT (1850-1905)

Priscilla was the third of the seven children born to Benjamin and Frances ELLIOTT. In 1870, she married John's great grandfather Henry HAMBLETON. The couple's first two children were born in the West Midlands where Henry worked as a currier. By 1881, they had returned to Shearsby where their third child was born in 1882. Priscilla and Henry remained for at least another decade in Shearsby but died in the Union Workhouse in Northampton in 1905 and 1909 respectively.

Of Priscilla's siblings, Edwin (b.1847) was employed as a labourer in Shearsby. He married Mary CLOWES and they had one child. Alfred (b.1848) married Ann WELLS and they had four children. He worked initially as an agricultural labourer, but by 1877 was working in Leicester as a dyer in the hosiery industry. Clara (b.1853) married Vincent Cooper who worked as a farm labourer and subsequently as a fellmonger in Shearsby. They had four children. Harris (b.1855) married Ann Selina ROGERS (Annie) from Great Ayton, Yorkshire and is recorded on the 1881 census working as a brick burner in Middlesborough prior to his death in 1888. Keziah (b.1861) moved to Leicester where she worked in the hosiery trade. She married Henry WILSON and had one child. Dick (b.1864) died in infancy.

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