Some notes on Pam's Eaton ancestors
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Stoke Families

See the Cheadle Families page for earlier generations.

William EATON (b.1844)

William EATON (Snr) was born in Cheadle in 1844 the second child of ten children born to George and Sarah EATON. He married Martha TURNER in St Peter's Church, Stoke in 1866. William worked as engine driver and engine man at Berry Hill colliery until his accidental death "by the exploding of a steam boiler" in 1877 at the age of 33. The accident was reported in the local newspaper as follows:-

"A boiler exploded at Berry Hill Colliery on Tuesday evening with serious effect. One man was killed and several persons had narrow escapes. The damage to property is serious." (THE STAFFORDSHIRE SENTINEL Thursday 15 March 1877)

"On Saturday there was an inquest on the body of EATON the engineman who lost his life in the recent boiler explosion at Berry Hill Colliery. Mr Wynne did not impute criminal negligence to any one but said the boiler had been negligently patched. The first fracture took place where the last patch had been put on. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death" but recommended the use of Blowmere iron plates in future." (THE STAFFORDSHIRE SENTINEL Monday 19 March 1877)

(Grateful thanks to Ian Winstanley for pinpointing the date and place of William's death. Click here for Ian's Coal Mining History Resource Centre and National Database of Mining Deaths and Injuries).

Of William's siblings, Jane (b.1841) died at the age of six. George (b.1848) married Charlotte WOOD and had five children. The family lived in Hanley where George worked as a colliery engine driver. Thomas (b.1848) died in infancy. Sarah Ann (b.1853) married Solomon SHELDON, a colliery engine driver, and had four children. The family is recorded as living in Stoke, Longton and Fenton. John (b.1855) worked as a colliery engineman in Shelton. In 1873, he married Elizabeth BALLINGER. They had no children. After Elizabeth's death in 1888, he had six children with his second wife Clara BAGNALL. Henry (b. 1857) worked as a colliery engineman in Hanley, Longton and Fenton. He married Ann Tideswell in 1881 and had six children.Alfred (b.1863) worked as an engineman in Fenton. He married Harriet MEAR in 1883 and had three children. Following Harriet's death in 1886, he had a further four children with his second wife Maria BROWN.

William EATON (b.1873)

Photo of William EATON

William EATON (Jnr) was born at Berry Hill, Staffs in 1873 the third of five children born to William and Martha EATON. As a child, he lived at Oldham Street, Hanley (only a short distance from Berry Hill) and was living at Simpson Street in the same area of Hanley at the time of his marriage to Florence Olive CLEWS at Fenton Parish Church in 1895. William worked as a potter's turner living at Church Street, Fenton in 1932 and subsequently at Queensmead Drive, Meir Heath and Grove Road Fenton where William died in 1951.

William was an active member of the Staffordshire Football Association and was awarded a long service medal after serving on the Council of the Association. The following obituary appeared in the Evening Sentinel :-

FUNERAL OF MR W EATON : Sport Tributes

Staffordshire Football Association Medal

Representatives of football organisations with which he was connected during his lifetime were amongst the mourners at the funeral yesterday of Mr W Eaton of No.4 Bungalow, Grove Road, Fenton. The service at the Baptist Chapel Victoria Road Fenton was conducted by Mr J Foster on behalf of the Fenton Old Age Pensioners Association of which Mr Eaton was a member. Interment at Fenton Cemetery was conducted by the Rev John Brittain (Minister) Mrs H Smith Organist.

Family mourners were Mr C Eaton; Mr S Eaton; Mr J Eaton (sons) Mr & Mrs T Dean (son-in-law and daughter) Mr A Eaton; Mr T Dean (grandsons) Mrs F Eaton; Mrs C Eaton; Mrs S Eaton (daughters-in-law) Mr A Reeves; Mr J Reeves; Mr D Clowes and Mr T Bagnall (nephews) Mrs Clowes and Mrs Bloor (sisters-in-law) Mr Griffiths (cousin). Football representatives who attended included Mr Frank Leigh and Mr J T Stevenson (Staffordshire Football Association) Mr R Keay (Sentinel Cup Competition and North Staffordshire Alliance) Mr J Baggaley (Fenton Nursing Cup Competition) and Mr L Hickman (Longton & District League). Mr & Mrs S Harp and Mrs Coxen represented the Old Age Pensioners Association.

Other mourners included Mr & Mrs S Cook; Mrs B Davies; Mr & Mrs F Reeves; Mr F Jenkins; Mr E R Hobson; Mr W J Chorlton; Mrs Ida Clowes; Mr L Sherriff; Mrs S Sherriff; Mrs Percy Smith; Mrs E Thornley; Mrs E Lawton (also representing Mrs Blakeman); Mr F Bentley; Mrs A M Lawton; Mr J Lamb; Mr & Mrs J Hawksworth; Mr F C Coggan; Mrs L J Clinton; Mrs R Dean; Mrs E Dean; Mrs E M Hughes; Mrs M Kelsall (also representing Mr D Harding); Mrs J Foster; Miss H Tabbinor; Mr H Street

Of William's siblings Eliza (b.1869) remained at home with her widowed mother in Hanley where she worked in a pottery warehouse until 1901 when she married John Thomas ORME in Wolverhampton where they were still living in 1911. George Richard (b. 1871) died at the age of four.Sarah (b.1877) married Samuel SIMCOCK and had four children in Hanley where Samuel worked as a potter's presser.

Jack Eaton (b.1911)

Photo of Jack EATON

Pam's father was the last of six children born to William and Olive EATON. He sang in a choir as a boy. Jack married Flora LUNT in 1936 and the family lived in Blurton. They only had one child. Jack spent the bulk of his working life as a colliery clerk. He did not see active service in WW2 as his was a reserved occupation, but he did serve in the Home Guard in Stoke-on-Trent. On the death of Pam's mother, he took over the running of her market stalls for a few years. He then started working for a firm of undertakers and stayed with them right up to his death in 1989.

Of Jack's siblings William Thomas (b.1896) worked as a potter's electrical turner and married Gladys May COLCLOUGH. By 1939, William was employed as a bus conductor - possibly in the business run by his brothers Sidney and Charles. He was still in the same line of work when Gladys died in 1949. William died in 1951.Arthur (b.1898) died in an accident at Great Fenton colliery in 1914. Charles (b.1899) and Sidney (1901) were very close. In the early 1920s they began operating at least one omnibus on the Longton-Stoke-Hanley-Burslem-Tunstall route from premises in Trentham Road, Blurton in competition with Potteries Motor Traction as members of the North Staffs Association of independent operators. In 1924, Charles married Lilian Copestake. In 1925, Sidney married her sister Elsie Copestake. Charles and Lilian had one son, Alan, born in 1952. Sidney and Elsie had no children. The logo displayed on buses owned by Charles and Sidney included the name "Esther". This is believed to be Lilian and Elsie's mother Elsie Kemp who remarried in 1910 following the death of her husband Spencer Copestake. In 1939, the brothers were living a few doors apart in Trentham Road, Blurton. Charles was employed as an omnibus driver and Sidney as a motor mechanic. By 1951, Sidney and Elsie had moved to a house named "Kingspool" near Great Moreton in Cheshire. At about that time, Charles became licensee of a Public House near Congleton. By 1955, Sidney and Elsie had moved to Guernsey where they had purchased land and had a bungalow built. Charles was awaited completion of his own house nearby when he died on Guernsey in 1955. Sidney worked as a Traffic Officer at Guernsey Airport until his death in 1974. Following Elsie's death in 1966, Sidney married Bessie Harvey (Nee Hubble) who died in 2021. Minnie (b.1906) married Arthur DEAN. They had one son.

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