Some notes on Pam's Boulton ancestors

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This page covers Staffordshire families in the paternal line of Pam's great great grandmother Mary BOULTON. The narrative starts with Pam's tenth great grandfather Johannis BOULTON who was born in Biddulph about 1548.

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Johannis BOULTON (d.1587)

Little is known of Johannis except that he married Elizabeth Barlow in Biddulph in 1575 and had four children. In his will, he appointed his father-in-law William Barlow as joint executor with his wife.

Of Johannis' siblings, Isabella (b. 1580) married Thomas Stonehewer in 1610 and had five children.

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Johannes BOULTON (1577-1631)

Johannes was the first child of Johannis and Elizabeth. He married Katherine and had seven children between 1599 and 1614.

Nothing is yet known of Johannes's siblings.

William BOULTON (1604-1665)

William was the third child of Johannes and Katherine. He married Eleanor and had four children in Biddulph.

Nothing is yet known of William's siblings.

Francis BOULTON (1640-1721)

Francis was the third child of William and Eleanor. He married Mary and had three children. Following Mary's death in 1688, he married Margreat Aderton and had a further six children. He died intestate in Biddulph in 1721 letters of administration being granted to his eldest son William

Nothing is yet known of Francis's siblings.

Thomas BOULTON (1702-1737))

Thomas was born in Biddulph the fourth child of Francis & Margreat Boulton. He married Jane Barnett in Cheddleton in 1723 and had four children in Rushton Spencer where he died in 1737.

Of Thomas's siblings, William (b.1692) married Hannah Tompkinson in Biddulph 1717 and had three children. A year later, Richard (b. 1695) married her sister Sarah Tompkinson in Horton and had five children. Richard died in Biddulph in 1775.

Matthew BOULTON (1726-1798)

Matthew was the first child of Thomas and Jane. He married Ann Rowley in Newchapel in 1754 and had ten children. The first three were baptised in Newchapel and most of the remainder in Astbury. Ann died in 1793 and Matthew in 1798. Both are buried in Horton. In his will, Matthew named his son Matthew and daughter Mary as joint executors. He also named his daughter Jane Cotterel, son Thomas, Daughter Esther Beech, daughter Sarah Harvey and granddaughter Ann Boulton.

Nothing is yet known of Matthew's siblings.

Matthew BOULTON (1768-1846)

Matthew was the fifth child of Matthew and Ann. He married Mary Doorbar in Horton in 1792. They had twelve children. The first ten were baptised in Biddulph or Horton. The last two in Bagnall and Cheddleton. Matthew died in the Spittals Workhouse in Stoke-on-Trent in 1846.

Of Matthew's siblings, Esther (b.1762) married James Beech in Horton in 1785. They had seven children - four in Horton and three in Kingsley; Jane (b. 1770) married Thomas Cotterill and had fourteen children in Biddulph. Richard (b. 1772) married Hannah Durbar and had at least one child. Sarah married William Harvey.

Matthew BOULTON (1798-1868)

Matthew was the fourth child of Matthew and Mary. He married Ellin Mould in Stoke-on-Trent in 1821. They had thirteen children. Four were born in Bucknall and the rest in Norton-in-the-Moors. Matthew worked all his life as a labourer. Ellin died in Bucknall in 1842 and Matthew in Baddeley Edge in 1868.

Nothing is yet known of Matthew's siblings.

Mary BOULTON (1824-1878)

Mary was the third child of Matthew and Ellin. She married William Clowes in Burslem in 1849. They had ten children. Mary died in 1878 and William in 1883 - both at Northwood Farm, Fenton

Of Mary's siblings, George (b.1823) worked as a coal miner and latterly as a beer seller. He married Eliza Willitt and had six children; Thomas (b.1828) worked as a coal miner and latterly as a potter's labourer. He married Sarah Ann Simpson and had ten children; Rebecca (b. 1831) married William Kent, an engine fitter from Leek, and had twelve children; Eliza (b.1833) married John Mountford, coal miner and general labourer, and had eight children; Richard (b. 1835) worked variously as a crate maker, potter and coal miner. He married Adelade Cartlich and had two children.

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